[vlc-devel] VLC player 360 degree support in Vetinari 3.0.0-git Vetinari in Linux

Adrien Maglo magsoft at videolan.org
Mon Oct 2 13:30:37 CEST 2017

On 30/09/2017 12:01, Ajit Kumar wrote:
> Hi All,

Hello Ajit,

>               Thanks for confirming 360 degree video works on Linux as well.
> I am using Ubuntu 14.04 machine to compile the Vetinari 3.0.0-git and 
> compilation and playback of 360 degree video works.
> I then use my mouse and keyboard to change the viewing angle and notice 
> no change in video on any mouse/keyboard actions.
>  From logs i could tell , the VOUT_DISPLAY_CHANGE_VIEWPOINT control 
> request is coming to the module>video_ouput>xcb>x11.c but it is not 
> honoured.
> Since, there is no appropriate handling for same in xcb found it in my 
> code walk through.
> (Log snippet below)
> [a4f53650] xcb_x11 vout display error: Unknown request in XCB vout display
> [a4f53650] core vout display error: Failed to change Viewpoint
> [a4f87fc8] motiondetect filter debug: Counted 0 moving shapes.
> This makes me think though i have synced to the tip of tree in the 
> master branch,
> I may not working on a branch in which the 360 support is available 
> .Please correct me if i am wrong here.
> Or
> my current xcb module in video_output does not process any 360 degree 
> navigation requests and i need to move to the correct version of xcb 
> which supports it.
> Please redirect me to a branch which supports navigation of 360 degree 
> video.

The master branch does support 360 degree navigation.
As Thomas previously told you, on Linux you must use the OpenGL video 
output. This is not currently the case according to your logs.

Best regards,


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