[vlc-devel] VLC player 360 degree support in Vetinari 3.0.0-git Vetinari in Linux

Adrien Maglo magsoft at videolan.org
Fri Sep 29 10:47:28 CEST 2017

On 29/09/2017 08:47, Ajit Kumar wrote:
> I am trying to reverse engineer 360 degree support on vlc player for my 
> understanding of the support need. I am trying to get it working for 
> linux platfrom , which i am not absolutely sure was tried earlier and 
> need inputs on what i could be missing in my build procedure.
> Any inputs regarding same is appreciated.

It was originally developed on the Linux platform. Besides, I have been 
lately testing it nearly everyday so I can assure you that it is 
supported on Linux.

You should be more precise in your report. What "does not work as per 
expectation" exactly means? What do you get? Do not hesitate also to 
send us verbose VLC logs.

Best regards,


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