[vlc-devel] [PATCH] es_out: merge es->i_id with es->fmt.i_id

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Fri Aug 17 14:15:08 CEST 2018

How do you make the ID temporally unique?

And if it's not fixed in 4.0 break, when will it be? You want to break compatibility after 4.0?

Le 17 août 2018 14:52:21 GMT+03:00, Thomas Guillem <thomas at gllm.fr> a écrit :
>I would prefer to keep using the integer i_id as a unique es track
>identifier since it's very simple to handle.
>The main input or slaves goes through the same es_out instance that
>keep the list of all ES tracks, so this should be a simple issue to
>So, either we don't expose fmt.i_id from the demux and always increment
>an unique id (like it's already done if fmt.i_id < 0). But then, this
>break es track selection (when passing parameters per es).
>Of we mix both solution: if the demux fmt.i_id is not automatic (not
>-1), we iterate through our es tracks to make sure it is unique. If
>it's not unique: ERROR, or use the incremented unique value.
>On Fri, Aug 17, 2018, at 13:38, Francois Cartegnie wrote:
>> Le 17/08/2018 à 13:22, Rémi Denis-Courmont a écrit :
>> > FMT ID is useful metadata in some cases. But ES ID should not even
>exist, as we cannot guarantee uniqueness in case of slave demuxers.
>> > 
>> Then every user would need to know or guess stream creation order to
>> pass parameters per es.
>> Unfair dice or crystal ball also required to remap es in muxers.
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