[vlc-devel] [patch] core/init: thread setup timing

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Thu Feb 8 06:01:42 CET 2018

Patch attached

The core options {"rt-priority", "rt-offset", "high-priority", "clock-
source"} do not have either the 'volatile' or 'internal' attributes
set, thus are present in the saved settings file, and are available in
the advanced settings dialog. Presumably therefore, the intention is
for these options to be saveable.

However, this does not currently work since the vlc_threads_setup call
is done too early, after initial arg processing is done, but before the
saved settings file is read. This patch fixes that.

Commit 82f89ed61448dbd70f956b2dda5def44b16a62be moved the call to it's
current location, causing the break, though the "clock-source" option
was still affected by the same problem before that (and has been ever
since its introduction in 602d9e215b2525665289c9319dd37e5139c7038f).

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