[vlc-devel] GSOC 2018 - Proposal on streaming 4K videos effectively without consuming more than 5% CPU resources

Saurav Yadav sauravyad500 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 09:14:16 CET 2018

 I wish to develop a 4K decode filter so that 4K videos are decoded
effectively with maximum CPU usage of  5% using DirectShow technology. The
renderer will depending on the CPU usage eliminate use of Direct X if it is
causing tearing of videos. Also the decode will extend Direct Show
technologies to directly stream 4K  and higher quality videos.

I am already working on Direct Show and am able to stream 4K videos on
AMD-A6 GPU processors with maximum usage of 60% and minimum usage of 40%
without decreasing quality on WIN 10 version 1709 without tearing, where
normally Films & TV store app is not able to stream 4K videos on AMD-A6
videos and tearing occurs with 100% CPU usage. The decode will externally
decode streams and will store a buffer memory of maximum 210MB depending on
the video quality.

Check a small patch at https://github.com/sauravyad500/Direct-Show and also
install https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KmRaqQnvDIRza4sWbWaip2I1aPhHM

Press O to open file and P to pause or play after opening file. Debug in
VS2017 or download .exe from Debug folder and must have VC++
redistributable installed.

*Saurav Yadav*
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