[vlc-devel] [question] anamorphic video using vmem

Steve Lhomme robux4 at ycbcr.xyz
Wed Mar 14 10:49:26 CET 2018


Le 14/03/2018 à 09:32, jeremy.vignelles at dev3i.fr a écrit :
> Hello,
> Following the question I asked last week on IRC :
> I have a user of Vlc.DotNet that has an anamorphic video (4:3 image buffer
> that should be displayed as 16:9) :
> https://github.com/ZeBobo5/Vlc.DotNet/issues/386
> The WPF control he's using uses libvlc_video_set_format_callbacks  and
> libvlc_video_set_callbacks to render the video, but it's displayed as 4:3 .
> Here is the sample file:
> https://github.com/ZeBobo5/Vlc.DotNet/files/1784317/AAA.zip
> As per j-b suggestion, I used `libvlc_media_get_codec_description` to get
> the description of the first Video track I found. The codec is "mpgv",
> description : "MPEG-1/2 Video".
> j-b also suggested that I could get the the video aspect ratio by getting
> the video track. Is it safe to assume that there is only one video track?
> Otherwise, how can I get the video track that is currently playing?

You may find which track is playing from the 
libvlc_MediaPlayerESSelected event. on libvlcpp you get this with 
onESAdded and onESSelected.

So file formats do have many video tracks, the first one may not even be 
the default one. So it's better to keep track of which track (ID) is 

> Thanks for your answers,
> Jérémy
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