[vlc-devel] [patch] esformat: remove obsolete video_palette_t comment

jnqnfe at gmail.com jnqnfe at gmail.com
Mon May 21 03:48:08 CEST 2018

2 patches:

#1: Removes the "to keep the compatibility with libavcodec's palette"
note against video_palette_t's i_entries attribute.
#2: Adds a replacement comment

Discussing the obsoleted comment:

Specifically this comment relates to ffmpeg/libavcodec's
AVPaletteControl struct.

ffmpeg/libavcodec AVPaletteControl history:
 - Changed to a 1028 byte structure (4 for `palette_changed`, 1024 for
`palette`) in 2a2bbcb05fde486eef76d070f26eecddd4de0ace (late 2003)
 - Deprecated in 18239edfa99877c3c82b062f9ba26fd8a80bd330 (late 2006)
 - Removed in 6c8dab98b87040ab3d5d31b91a46eb4aed8f1f30 (2012)

vlc history:
 - This "compatability" note originates all the way back to 2004 in
commit fa5f109874fe4b8bd8e405e674c8d73603f64eb1, where direct copying
was taking place between VLC's video_palette_t and ffmpeg's
AVPaletteControl. In this commit a "dummy" int was used in place of
AVPaletteControl's palette_changed attribute.
 - In 1374a69a5672071424e2af15bf8e281db7a6e126 (2004) the "dummy" int
was repurposed as i_entries for the count that still exists today.
 - In 61146f7e47428409f6fa8ee9aa474219a1cbb9af (2008, v0.9-1.0) we
stopped blindly copying between these two structs, and the comment
became obsolete, but was (unintentionally) left in place.
 - In e7fc1ae05d0ed73ad8af1a412ba63dd7677cc04b (2014) we finally
dropped support for older versions of libavcodec that still had
AVPaletteControl (it was actually dropped at one point prior, then
restored, then dropped for good here).
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