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> On Oct 17, 2018, at 12:19 AM, vlc-devel-request at videolan.org wrote:
> Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 21:17:27 +0300
> From: Ilkka Ollakka <ileoo at videolan.org <mailto:ileoo at videolan.org>>
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> Subject: Re: [vlc-devel] [PATCH 3/3] access/udp: reduce mtu amount on
> 	initial packets
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> On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 09:10:27AM -0700, Nick Briggs wrote:
>>> recv() needs MSG_TRUNC flag so it will tell actual data-size if truncate
>>> would happen additional to setting flag for it.
>> For Linux, but not for MacOS/FreeBSD/OpenBSD
> I sended new version of the patch, if you have setup to test it on
> MacOS/FreeBSD/OpenBSD and time to try it out, it would be great.

I may be able to test on MacOS, though my primary machine is stuck back on 10.11 -- I have access to another that can run High Sierra or Mojave, so I may be able to give it go there.

I looked at both my FreeBSD (11.2) and OpenBSD (6.3) boxes -- attempting to compile the vlc git head on either of those fails.
Are they supposed to be supported?

OpenBSD compiles fail because there's no clock_nanosleep():

posix/thread.c:595:12: error: implicit declaration of function 'clock_nanosleep' is invalid in C99 [-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
    while (clock_nanosleep(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, TIMER_ABSTIME, &ts, NULL) == EINTR);

I suppose one could fake that out with nanosleep(), though that's not ideal.

FreeBSD compiles fail because there's no strerror_l():

  CC       posix/error.lo
posix/error.c:51:23: error: implicit declaration of function 'strerror_l' is invalid in C99
    const char *buf = strerror_l(errnum, loc);

Patching around that does manage to create an executable that can at least run "vlc --help" without error.

I haven't done any VLC related development in about 10 years -- what's the best way to pick up a consistent set of your patches that will apply to the git head (I think your last one failed when I tried to apply it on its own) ?

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> Ilkka Ollakka
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