[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] decoder: make decoder_Clean() public

Steve Lhomme robux4 at ycbcr.xyz
Wed Feb 20 12:17:37 CET 2019

On 20/02/2019 11:23, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't think that there is a question whether there should always be 
> a pool, because it now depends on the decoder plugin. 

That's not the direction I took. I thought we agreed on the previous 
workshop that decoders will have their own pool. Each of them.

> We don't know what the decoder does or does not do internally, so 
> there are no ways to generically allocate a pool outside on a 
> systematic basis.

I agree, except we live fine with that for now with a pool "large" 
enough that handled elsewhere, just by providing the DPB size and 
i_extra_picture_buffers. I don't think we're planning to get rid of 
these for now.

Also the current decoder_NewPicture taping in the pool from the vout, is 
using picture_pool_Wait() meaning if it has used more than its DBP + 
extra pictures, it will wait for new pictures. This allows a kind of 
rate control for the decoder and avoid allocating all the memory of the 
system if the decoder is faster to decode than the vout can handle. I 
think we should keep that safety for all decoders.

Also we agreed that the format (metadata) change will now be handled by 
signaling a change downstream, not by resetting everything. That will 
impact how a potential pool would be used but that handling can be 
centralized in decoder_UpdateVideoFormat(), rather than leaving each of 
the 26 decoders deal with it. All they do is call 
decoder_UpdateVideoFormat, decoder_NewPicture and decoder_QueueVideo. 
They don't have to be changed at all for the change to push.

> And it would be insane to allocate a whole pool for image decoders, 
> especially considering that pictures tend to be larger than video 
> frames. Image decoders should allocate their picture explicitly.
> No, the first question is what would the determinant be to allocate a 
> pool for the decoder or let the decoder manage its pool.
> Le 20 février 2019 12:01:52 GMT+02:00, Steve Lhomme <robux4 at ycbcr.xyz> 
> a écrit :
>     On 20/02/2019 09:56, Thomas Guillem wrote:
>         Please, send future decoder patches on the ML first. 
>     BTW do we agree on my 13+1 patchset, generalizing the work on the output
>     format passed to update_format() ?
>     Later this format will be the one used for the decoder pool. And
>     possibly set on dec->fmt_out.video, although in my branch I kept a
>     separate one to check the pool format against it.
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