[vlc-devel] [PATCH 2/3] taglib: Allow non-local mrls to be analyzed when preparsing

Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen hugo at beauzee.fr
Wed Jan 30 17:22:42 CET 2019

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019, at 5:09 PM, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le keskiviikkona 23. tammikuuta 2019, 16.09.22 EET Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen a 
> écrit :
> > We don't do this during playback as it can slow down the playback quite
> > noticeably
> I don't think that works.
> On the one hand, if the resource is slow (or worse, locks up), the preparsing 
> queue still jams and preparsing essentially fails for any further item.
> On the other hand, even files from the VFS can be slow, or even 
> infinitely slow, 
> typically (but not only) network file systems.

I'm not sure I understand your comment; with regard to preparsing, isn't that what timeout is about?

My commit message might have not been too clear, but basically the idea is that taglib tends to seek a lot in the file, which I think we should avoir when starting a playback.


  Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
  hugo at beauzee.fr

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