[vlc-devel] Guidance for implementing deletion of current playing file from file system with a single keystroke.

John Hammer dev54335 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 18:22:47 CET 2019

     Looks like single key stroke binding for the vlc extensions is not
supported and the only way is to modify the c++ sources. I have cloned and
able to compile and run vlc on ubunutu 18.04 machine.

      After browsing the the source code a little i have found that the
keys are intercepted by this function
I want to modify this function to delete the currently playing file if the
key is "D". How to get the vlc core object here and what method to be
called on it to delete the current playing file ? I will publish the code
on github if anyone interested in it.

I searched for the vlc extension to delete the current playing file from
filesystem with single keystroke and the closest i could find was this
addon https://github.com/surrim/vlc-delete/blob/master/vlc-delete.lua. But
it does not work on single keystroke.
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