[vlc-devel] Guidance for implementing deletion of current playing file from file system with a single keystroke.

John Hammer dev54335 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 17:28:43 CET 2019

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 10:52 PM John Hammer <dev54335 at gmail.com> wrote:

> HI,
>      Looks like single key stroke binding for the vlc extensions is not
> supported and the only way is to modify the c++ sources. I have cloned and
> able to compile and run vlc on ubunutu 18.04 machine.
>       After browsing the the source code a little i have found that the
> keys are intercepted by this function
> https://github.com/videolan/vlc/blob/26dc589ae9d85e7e9236e1bb7b7218a65bcdfcdc/modules/gui/qt/main_interface.cpp#L1646.
> I want to modify this function to delete the currently playing file if the
> key is "D". How to get the vlc core object here and what method to be
> called on it to delete the current playing file ? I will publish the code
> on github if anyone interested in it.
> PS:
> I searched for the vlc extension to delete the current playing file from
> filesystem with single keystroke and the closest i could find was this
> addon https://github.com/surrim/vlc-delete/blob/master/vlc-delete.lua.
> But it does not work on single keystroke.
> --
> Regards
> Bob333

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