[vlc-devel] Switch to vlc_player_t and vlc_playlist_t (QT/QML and all other intf modules)

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Wed Mar 27 13:59:39 CET 2019

Breaking bisection on a long series of patch is practically unacceptable.

Don't entangle stuff.

Le 27 mars 2019 14:46:54 GMT+02:00, Thomas Guillem <thomas at gllm.fr> a écrit :
>I'm working on getting the QML branch from Pierre, the Lua branch from
>Romain and the misc intf branch from Victorien merged.
>The result can be found here:
>There are few important notes:
>1/ The old playlist is not yet  removed. Intf modules using the old
>playlist can not interact at all with other intf modules.
>This is the case for:
> - netsync: need to expose the output clock from the player too
> - macos: WIP by Felix
> - skins2
>2/ Modules are pushed one by done, therefore this will break bisect.
>Indeed, if you test a commit in the middle of this branch, some modules
>will be using the old playlist and others using the new ones. They
>won't be able to interact with each others.
>3/ For readability, QT commits are split, the build of QT will be
>disabled before the first QT commit and enabled after the last one.
>4/ There are build issues with mingw64: I'm working on that before the
>5/ There are a lot of known missing features. I will create a track
>ticket for each ones. They all need to be fixed before 4.0 release.
>- No Video integration on Windows plateform
>- No Video integration on X11 plateform (we removed the QTOpengl
>- Loading issues when compiled with wayland support but not available
>on system
>- The UI won't respond to hotkeys when the video isn't embedded or when
>playing music
>- No chapter prev/next/dvd menu button
>- No ticks in the seek bar to represent chapters
>- No teletext buttons (only subtitles in menu)
>- No advanced buttons (rec/snapshot/a-b loop/next frame), some of them
>are available through the contextual menu
>- List of recent play is unavailable / Recent play isn't filled
>- No bookmark support (creation, access): This need to be removed from
>input_thread_t and move to the new medialibrary
>- Lua extensions are not listed
>- No playlist export
>- Current playlist is not saved/restored on exit
>- No "Renderer" integration
>- QML related preferences are not saved
>We would like to push the branch in its current state, knowing all the
>previous regressions. Indeed, we are loosing a lot of time resolving
>various conflicts, and this doesn't help external people that want to
>work on the new UI.
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