[vlc-devel] [PATCH] configure: fail on casting incompatible pointers

Denis Charmet typx at dinauz.org
Wed Oct 2 14:37:48 CEST 2019


On 2019-10-02 12:27, Steve Lhomme wrote:
> On 2019-10-02 12:20, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
>> And VLC depends on some libraries that rely on bad casts, notably 
>> libavutil (heap helpers).
> This is the configure script of VLC, not the contribs. I use this
> flag all day long on Win32 and Linux builds with no issue. That
> enables spotting errors like the AMT one very quickly.

I agree with Rémi here, using it on a small code base is good, using it 
in something as huge as VLC is more a hassle than anything else 
especially when you work on embedded platform with crazy broken 

And in the end you still have the warning to spot the errors.

Denis Charmet - TypX
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