[vlc-devel] [PATCH v2 13/17] contrib: use makefile instead of environment variable

Martin Storsjö martin at martin.st
Thu Apr 30 12:18:14 CEST 2020

On Thu, 30 Apr 2020, Alexandre Janniaux wrote:

>> By adding -Werror=partial-availability on top of that, function checks that
>> actually include headers (instead of just blindly trying to link against a
>> symbol) will error out for functions that are introduced after the minimum
>> version.
>> This is just a FYI (and potential future improvement) in any case and
>> orthogonal to the patch, which just moves the existing hacks around.
> I think ePirat spent a lot of time on this issue and even
> had apple engineer telling him that it cannot be supported
> that way by autotools, so it's probably harder to integrate.

Hmm, ok, maybe there are pitfalls with trying to force it upon autotools 
in general. -Werror=partial-availability has been introduced and used 
successfully within both ffmpeg and curl at least, for avoiding exactly 
this issue of detecting things that are present but shouldn't be used yet.

// Martin

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