[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/4] vlm: remove schedule media type

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sat Aug 29 09:08:19 CEST 2020

Le perjantaina 28. elokuuta 2020, 23.11.51 EEST Pierre Ynard via vlc-devel a 
écrit :
> > You can't expect me to have answers to problems that the patchset is
> > not even raising.
> I can expect you to implement solutions,

No. There are already plenty of ways to make scheduled tasks on a computer. 
There are no reasons for me to implement yet another one.

> similar or equivalent to those that were already provided to you in my
> review, that answer the problems raised by your patchset.

The questions asked regarded complete removal of VLM, and they don't apply to 
the patchset. This is beyond the slippery slope argument and well into insane 
troll logic territory.

> > So I'm going to ignore this.
> That's not how it works. Please don't undermine the review and
> development process.

No. You undermined the process by using insane logic on the basis to reject a 
patch. It's not the first time that somebody ignores nonsensical review (and 
I'm not referring to me there).

Реми Дёни-Курмон

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