[vlc-devel] [PATCHv2 00/10] es_out cleanup

Thomas Guillem thomas at gllm.fr
Thu Feb 27 16:19:07 CET 2020


Changes since my first set:

 - Removed the first commit "input: simplify es_out_display deletion" since it
   could cause the es_out to send events directly from input_Close().

 - Fixed a mismatch between es_out_id_t and vlc_es_id_t, when used from
   controls sent by input.c. Every private controls now use a vlc_es_id_t (that
   could be hold/release by timeshift). Input.c is now always using private
   selection controls to select ESes.

 - Decided that all private ES selection controls (so, the one coming from
   input.c) should not be delayed (so, like before). It still can be changed
   easily by just patching timeshift.c.


Thomas Guillem (10):
  input: remove unused controls
  es_out: hide ES_OUT_SET_ES_LIST
  es_out: hide ES_OUT_SET_AUTOSELECT
  es_out: split public and private controls
  input: always use helpers for es_out privcontrols
  es_out: assert that queries are valid
  input: fix es_out_id_t/vlc_es_id_t mismatch
  es_out: add priv controls to set/unset vlc_es_id_t
  es_out: accept all controls from timeshift
  input: always use the top level es_out

 include/vlc_es_out.h                          |  11 +-
 modules/access/bluray.c                       |   1 -
 modules/demux/adaptive/plumbing/FakeESOut.cpp |   1 -
 src/input/es_out.c                            | 544 ++++++++++--------
 src/input/es_out.h                            | 155 +++--
 src/input/es_out_timeshift.c                  | 274 ++++++---
 src/input/input.c                             |  62 +-
 src/input/input_internal.h                    |   3 -
 8 files changed, 617 insertions(+), 434 deletions(-)


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