[vlc-devel] Extend 3.0 vlc_image readers without breaking ABI

Francois Cartegnie fcartegnie at free.fr
Tue Jul 28 21:53:33 CEST 2020


AVIF is becoming a needed feature for the 3.0.

On 4.0, image reader was extended (image_ReadExt()) to provide extradata
for the AV1 decoder (then was later changed again to pass es_format_t
instead of video_format_t).

Unfortunately, most of the API calls are not API but callbacks inlined
in public headers.

 struct image_handler_t
     picture_t * (*pf_read)      ( image_handler_t *, block_t *,
                                  const video_format_t *,video_format_t

Do we have any other way except adding a second version of
image_handler_t and image_HandlerCreate() API ? :/


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