[vlc-devel] GSOC Introduction & Project Guidance

Thomas Guillem tguillem at videolan.org
Tue Mar 24 10:58:56 CET 2020

On Mon, Mar 23, 2020, at 17:32, Arnav Ishaan wrote:
> Hello Sir & The VLC Team,
> I am Arnav Ishaan, a final year Computer Science undergraduate at BIT Mesra, India. I am comfortable with C/C++, Python and JavaScript, and am currently working as a Research Intern at Samsung R&D, Bangalore, India. Here is a link to my github profile <https://github.com/knightwayne?tab=overview&from=2019-12-01&to=2019-12-31>.
> I would like to contribute to the VLC code-base under the GSOC 2020 programme.
> More concretely, I would like to work on Development of MPD server inside VLC <https://wiki.videolan.org/SoC_2020#Develop_a_MPD_server_inside_VLC> project under Mr. Thomas Guillem*. *
> Currently, I am trying to build VLC on my system(Ubuntu OS), and have been reading more about MPD protocol and features. I am also planning on developing a simple MPD client-server architecture before the application submission deadline.
> I needed to ask if this the right way to connect with my mentor (Mr. Thomas Guillem), and also a little elaboration on the project goals would really help me a lot.
> Looking forward to hearing from you,
> Arnav Ishaan

Hello Arnav,

Yes, this is the right way to connect with us
So, the goal is to create a new control module (cf. modules in modules/control).
This module will be able to control VLC by responding to MPD queries. You should not modify the MPD protocol. Any MPD client applications should be able to control VLC.

This module should be able to list all audio files saved in the VLC db and serve it to all MPD clients. There is a new medialibrary API in VLC 4.0, interfaces and control modules can access it to get the list of audio files correctly sorted (album, artist and co). You will likely need to use it.

For now, the playback will be done on VLC side.

If you have more questions, ask me from this mail in private (no need to continue on the ML for now).

Best regards,
Thomas Guillem
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