[vlc-devel] Clarifications about license and usage

Nikolay Rybalko n.rybalko at mobidev.biz
Fri May 22 12:12:10 CEST 2020

Hello! My name is Nick. I’am iOS software developer.

We(I and my developers team) want to integrate MobileVLCKit library in our commercial iOS application.

I want to make sure that we do not violate the license LGPLv2.1 

1. We will not modify source code of MobileVLCKit
2. We will add MobileVLCKit library description inside our “Attribution & Licenses” popup. So end-user will ensure that we use your library inside our application.

So main question
Can we use your library with this 2 points provided from our side? And can we publish our application to the AppStore with your library inside our application(without dynamic linking)?

Best Wishes
Nick Rybalko
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