[vlc-devel] Clarifications about license and usage

Alexandre Janniaux ajanni at videolabs.io
Mon May 25 14:01:40 CEST 2020


Nice to see VLCKit users. O/

About the licensing issues, I don't think you can easily link
VLCKit statically without providing your code, especially if
you plan to develop your application in XCode. The following
link details what is allowed better than I can do.


But you can use dynamic linking without those restriction of
course, even on the AppStore. Just make sure you use a LGPLv2
binary of VLCKit and not a LGPLv3 binary to distribute on the
appstore. For MobileVLCKit, this should be ok.

The fact that you don't modify MobileVLCKit means that you can
just link our VLCKit repository instead of distributing the
sources of VLCKit yourself. If you recompile a modified
version of VLCKit, you will need to distribute your sources.
Maybe distributing patches and mentioning the VLCKit URL and
the git hash that was used is enough but to be honest, this
would be a question for a lawyer, not a developer.

I hope it helps!

Alexandre Janniaux

On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 01:12:10PM +0300, Nikolay Rybalko wrote:
> Hello! My name is Nick. I’am iOS software developer.
> We(I and my developers team) want to integrate MobileVLCKit library in our commercial iOS application.
> I want to make sure that we do not violate the license LGPLv2.1
> 1. We will not modify source code of MobileVLCKit
> 2. We will add MobileVLCKit library description inside our “Attribution & Licenses” popup. So end-user will ensure that we use your library inside our application.
> So main question
> Can we use your library with this 2 points provided from our side? And can we publish our application to the AppStore with your library inside our application(without dynamic linking)?
> Best Wishes
> Nick Rybalko

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