[vlc-devel] [PATCH] sd: remove -S/--services-discovery option

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 17 14:57:05 UTC 2021

> But we can discuss separately what SD should be enabled by default (if
> any).

Just like the first-run dialog asks the user before enabling metadata
network access or update checks, we want to be careful about enabling
network SD by default. In fact I think we can't enable by default any
SD that does visible network access, without at least a more general
switch, or an explicit request from the GUI.

> AFAIK, rc/cli was the only remaining code using services
> discoveries using the old playlist (e.g. calling the old
> playlist_ServicesDiscoveryAdd()) that has not been rewritten.

The lua bindings were, and cli.lua was the only in-tree user of those,
along with the HTTP interface actually:


That says nothing about out-of-tree users. Lua bindings are
not internals, they're an external API, and breaking it is not

There's no reason why lua UIs shouldn't be able to load SD; all the less
since -S or other interfaces don't populate SD in the playlist anymore,
and loading an SD module yourself is currently the only way to access
its items.

In fact vlc.sd.add() is pretty much like -S: we don't want to remove it,
we want to keep it and keep it loading SD, and find a new way to make
those SD accessible.

Regardless of lua bindings, as far as I can see, the C CLI doesn't
support loading or playing SD items, so that's also a feature regression
from 3.0's cli.lua.

> We wanted a new playlist containing a simple list of items, acting as
> a media provider for a player, without unrelated responsibilities.
> Storing a tree of items discovered by services discoveries was one of
> these unrelated responsibilities.

Yes, makes sense. But now nothing but custom Qt code handles this
responsibility, no core service handles it or provides equivalent
functionality to UIs, and no other UI implements it itself.

Pierre Ynard
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