[vlc-devel] [PATCH] sd: remove -S/--services-discovery option

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 17 15:52:05 UTC 2021

> That says nothing about out-of-tree users. Lua bindings are
> not internals, they're an external API, and breaking it is not
> insignificant.

> In fact vlc.sd.add() is pretty much like -S: we don't want to remove
> it, we want to keep it and keep it loading SD, and find a new way to
> make those SD accessible.

I think that at the very least, the C part of
needs to be reverted, if only for get_services_names() to return an
empty list, and add() and remove() to be no-ops. The documentation needs
to be brought back if only to say: "Deprecated - don't use".

More substantially, I think like solution 1/ for -S, these bindings
should be reimplemented using the new APIs, even without a way to
access the loaded modules yet. Then, if there is no core SD facility,
vlc.sd.add() could return a usable tree object. If we want a core SD
facility, we'd want to expose it through new lua bindings.

Pierre Ynard
"Une âme dans un corps, c'est comme un dessin sur une feuille de papier."

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