[vlc] Can VLC play MPEG2-ES a live.com RTP streaming?

Iñigo Lopez Barranco ilopez at albatros-sl.es
Thu Nov 25 18:22:54 CET 2004

Hi. I've done a little program using live.com RTP to stream a MPEG2-ES video file to a multicast address, similar to the test program that comes with that library testMPEG1or2VideoStreamer (I've checked with this program too). The stream is correct as MPlayer is able to play it with "mplayer rtp://".

Playing the file directly, vlc uses demux='mpgv', but when I try to play the stream, even with --demux 'mpgv', it tries to use demux='es'.
$ vlc -vvv --demux 'mpgv' udp:@

[00000215] access_udp access debug: detected MPEG video over RTP
[00000218] main private debug: received first data for our buffer
[00000213] main input debug: thread 65541 (input) created at priority 0 (src/input/input.c:228)
[00000218] main private debug: prebuffering done 30452 bytes in 0s - 232 kbytes/s
[00000213] main input debug: demux2_New: access='udp' demux='es' path='@'
[00000219] main demuxer debug: looking for demux2 module
[00000219] main demuxer debug: probing 0 candidates
[00000219] main demuxer error: no demux2 module matched "es"
[00000213] main input error: no suitable demux module for `udp/es://@'

Why is this? Is it only able to play TS streams?
Thanks in advance.


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