[vlc] Problems (Sound, Transcoding, Codecs, Logs) On Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10)

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Thu Jan 8 16:54:02 CET 2009

So should I just give up on being able to convert my HD videos to 
anything else with VLC?  It used to work and one person did help, but 
after posting logs (as asked), there have been no responses.

So is the newer version of VLC just not able to handle .mts files like 
the older version used to and should I just find something else to 


On Thursday 01 January 2009, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> On my previous workstation, I was using VLC on Ubuntu Hardy and was
> able to transcode video show on my HD camcorder with no problem. 
> With a new computer, I installed Ubuntu Intrepid, with KDE 4.0 and am
> using VLC on there (version 4.3.2).  I'm having several significant
> problems with this install:
> 1) No logging.  I tried to set the log to ~/tmp/vlc-log.txt and
> nothing is logged to that file.  As a matter of fact, even when I
> forced errors by loading a bad file, this log file wasn't even
> created.  I finally looked in my home directory and found
> ~/.vlc/vlcrc and in that config file all the log settings were
> commented out, so I uncommented them to set up a log file, with no
> success.  I get the error messages from VLC, but there is no log to
> check for more details.
> 2) When I play a .mts file from my HD camcorder, there is no sound. 
> I get sound with .wav files and with some .mpg files (possibly with
> all that have them, but I've gone through so many files at this
> point, I may have mis-remembered on this point).  No error messages,
> either.
> 3) When I play the .mts files, I have to select, each time, to
> discard interlacing.  Can't I set this somewhere?  There doesn't seem
> to be a place in the preferences where I can do this.
> 4) I've tried saving my preferences, but sometimes that locks the
> program.  It'll keep playing a video, but the UI doesn't respond and
> I have to kill it and restart it.
> 5) I've tried transcoding my .mts files to a format more programs
> understand, but I can't transcode to MP4.  I get errors that the
> codec or encoder is not there.  I've installed all the packages that
> should be connected with VLC and codes, but I still get reports that
> the MP4 video and AAC audio codec or encoders are not there (I figure
> this might be part of the sound issues as well).  The error messages
> tell me to check the log for more details, but there's no log file.
> I'd really like to get the log working and I'm guessing that if the
> codec issues were fixed, the other problems (like sound) would be as
> well, though I may still have to keep specifying to discard
> interlacing.
> I tried to search the forums, but was given messages that the search
> function wasn't working.  I tried to register, but the confirmation
> code image didn't show up in Konqueror or Firefox when I tried and
> the subscribe page on the VLC site didn't work -- I had to go through
> mailman, and still had trouble in subscribing.  (Thought I needed to
> mention this as a heads-up to VLC people -- when I tried to send an
> email to the forum admin, I got a bounce that it's waiting for
> moderator approval!)
> Thanks for any help with this.  I have some videos that friends of
> mine have asked to see, but I can't do anything with them until I can
> convert them.
> Hal

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