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Mel Rodriguez merrily.rodriguez at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 00:58:22 CET 2009


I registered at the forum to ask a question but my profile has not been
activated yet (it's been a few days). Username: Mellifluous, email
lucibel_mel at hotmail.com

The issue I have is that the latest VLC plays region 1 dvds with green
artifacts and jittery sound.

I installed VLC 8.5 and the dvds play fine, although with the infrequent

My PC is running Vista. I've read about the copy protection Vista has built
in but I don't understand why an old version of VLC plays dvds fine but the
newest doesn't.

I have tried many times clearing my registry and reinstalling, as well as
playing around with disabling overlay, forcing it to play with mpeg codec
and changing the output modules.

Can you suggest anything else I might try to enjoy dvds with the newest VLC?

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