[vlc] How Do I Get Video Info In VLC?

Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Sat Jan 10 07:15:13 CET 2009

In another thread where I brought up transcoding problems with .mts 
files, someone told me I'd have to specify a few things like frame rate 
and resolution for VLC in some versions.  (I'm using version 0.9.4 on 
Ubuntu Intrepid.) 

If I try to view the file in VLC bu drag-n-drop, I get the video but no 
audio.  If I try to transcode it to MP4, I get transcoded audio, but no 
video.  This is where I was told I may need to specify video 

I tried Tools->Media Information but that doesn't give me what I need.  
Is there any way, with VLC, to find out the framerate or resolution of a 
.mts file?  This all worked previously and I've installed the libraries 
I'm supposed to (libavcodec52-unstripped and libavcodec) but I still 
just can't view or transocde a .mts file with sound and video no matter 
what I do. 

So how do I get this info from a file and is there more I may need to 
specify on a command line to get both the audio and video transcoded 
properly?  (I tried entering vlc and the command line given by the 
transcoding dialog and that didn't behave well from the command line!)

Thanks for any help on this.

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