[vlc] Zoom in fullscreen mode

Ryan Deemer ryan.deemer at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 17:16:29 CET 2009

Hi there,

I have a small problem zooming certain of my media files in
full screen mode using vlc player.

My movie is in the traditional VCD format where the actual
movie is in 16:9 ratio, but the file has built in black
borders on the top and bottom to make it in 4:3 format.

Now when I play this movie in fullscreen mode on my 16:9
laptop screen, there are black borders at the top and
bottom(which is present in the movie file) and there are
black borders on the left and the right put in by vlc to
maintain the original aspect ratio. This causes a wastage
of screen space.

See the attached image.

Using mplayer on linux I am able to zoom the file in a better manner
using the following command (my screen has 1600x900) resolution.

mplayer -zoom -xy 1600 Test.wmv

This is not full screen mode but fully utilizes my screen
space.But this doesnt work well with windows version of mplayer.

Is there a way to zoom my movie correctly on vlc player in
windows ?

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