[vlc] Thanks, to many people

PK djc at resiak.org
Mon Jan 12 22:16:15 CET 2009

This is thanks to vlc team members and experienced users who take the time 
and trouble to respond to problems and requests here.  Especially to 
requests -- like some we've seen recently -- where the person was rude, or 
insulting, or without a clue about free software projects like vlc, or 
unable to read their own e-mails, or didn't check the web site, or was in 
some other way below a normal level of good sense and courtesy.

Not everything I've asked here has been answered, but even so, I appreciate 
what it takes to create, deploy and support complex, useful software like 
vlc.  And to do that gratis and in public ... well that's something special.

Just another normal user who happens to have over 35 years of experience 
with free software,


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