[vlc] VLC plugin for Internet Explorer

Anthony Loiseau thannoy at actech-innovation.com
Thu Jan 22 16:52:59 CET 2009


A VLC ActiveX exists for Internet Explorer, you have to tick it during
install process. The same for Firefox/etc and VLC mozilla-plugin.

Then, you need compatible webpages which use VLC plugin. If you are a
developer, search things like:
- "Advanced use of VLC" on the wiki.videolan.org (for the JS API)
- w.v.o/ActiveX/HTML
- vlc.revolunet.com

NB1: both webplugins have the same JavaScript API
NB2: they are less stable than desktop GUI, works with VLC 0.9.8a at


On Thu, 2009-01-22 at 14:33 +0000, Marika Ludmann wrote:
> I am trying to embed VLC in my browser on a windows system.
> Does VLC have a plugin for Internet Explorer? If yes, could you tell
> me where it is, and how to install it?
> Many thanks
> Marika
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