[vlc] Explanation of the Statistics - lost frames, displayed frames, decoded blocks

Robert Suprun robert at edu.uni-klu.ac.at
Sun Jan 25 15:41:47 CET 2009

Hi there,

Could anyone explain the meaning of the stream statistics.

What do lost frames, displayed frames and decoded blocks stand for?

I am streaming a h264 video encapsulated in an mpeg-ts from one pc to 
another using vlc. I use http, rtp and udp streaming and i change the 
network conditions.

when streaming over udp or rtp then i get no lost frames. is this 
because there is no resend mechanism?

when streaming over http i got lost frames. that seems to be ok for me, 
but when the network delay ist too high, the video freezes.
but the number of displayed frames is still increasing ??? the number of 
decoded blocks on the other hand is then very small.

i made a lot of tests but the number of decoded blocks and displayed 
frames were never the same. there were always a slight difference.

thanks in advance


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