[vlc] to fix aspect ratio?

Brendan Marnell marnell at indigo.ie
Wed Jan 28 20:50:45 CET 2009

"Help" .....  *How to control the aspect ratio of video   ....*

/*Command Line*/

/When invoking VLC from the command line, use the option --aspect-ratio. 
For instance, /

/vlc --aspect-ratio 1:5 /

/*Graphical Interface*/

/If using the graphical interface, the setting is In the Video section 
of the Preferences dialog. You may specify the aspect ratio in the field 
labeled "Source aspect ratio."/

................ talks about aspect ratio in terms that do not tell me 
how to switch PERMANENTLy from 4:3 to 16:9.  My vlc opens automatically 
in 4:3 (no matter what ratio the clip is in) and a brief clip is 
finished before I can click on ... Video/Aspect Ratio/16:9.  I find no 
mention of Aspect Ratio under Settings .... come to think of it the only 
Settings I can find are Advanced Settings.  In simple terms I do not 
understand the above "Help".   What else am I failing to do? 

Of course VLC is brilliant ... it's all my fault ... but who thinks the 
above instructions make sense???

Brendan Marnell

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