Patch for DVBset

Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou bozo at
Wed Mar 20 14:13:26 CET 2002

Thank you for the patch.

About the DVB support in VLS:

1/ I'm currently writing the dvb input which does the job that DVBset
did. I say did because DVBset is to be abandoned for the new DVB input.
I had to write some little initialization and de-kludging stuff and I'll
commit it into the CVS.

2/ I'll take into account your patch to DVBset to write something that
works in all cases.

3/ PAT and PMT (de)coding stuff is done by the libdvbpsi which is also
availlable in the CVS (libdvbpsi module).

4/ Damiens told me that the output format of the DVB-S card is _not_
Transport Stream whereas DVB-Nova's is. I do my tests with the Nova so
DVB-S support isn't guaranteed.

Bozo <bozo at> -

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