configure --with-dvb=[PATH] patch

Jean-Paul Saman saman at
Thu Mar 28 09:58:10 CET 2002

Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou wrote:
> I'm faced to a big dilemma. Two choices:
> 1/ include the AC_ARG_WITH only if $enable-dvb is yes. This has the same
> behaviour as your patch.
> 2/ trash the AC_ARG_ENABLE stuff and only use AC_ARG_WITH. The optional
> value is the path to the include files.
> What do you think about it ?
> VLC follows the case 1 but IMHO it's not necessary and _bad_.
This is true for a native compilation, but not necessary for the cross- 
compile case. Then you're include files will be in /usr/include, but 
somewhere else like in /usr/src/assabet/usr/include.

> Note that if you had installed these files they would have been located
> in /usr/include and VLS would have compiled ;-)
Yes, I know. The problem is I test against 2 or three different versions 
of the DVB drivers and do not want to override /usr/include every time.
This would give me a lot of problems from maintenance point of view.

Option 2) is *really bad* it trashes the logic of --enable-?- to build a 
feature in for which development files are installed.

So my preference is still option 1) like the VLC case. But it should be 
possible to build --enable-dvb without using --with-dvb=[PATH] when the 
include files are in /usr/include. Just like in my patch.

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