what server you use?

Carlo Calabro murray at via.ecp.fr
Wed May 29 07:18:48 CEST 2002

On Tue, May 28, 2002, Ralf Techritz wrote:
>    Hallo vls-devel's

Hello Ralf,
>    I use your SW to stream video in a ethernet network.
>    I would like to know what server you have implemented, was it developed by
>    your own or was there an other server
>    you changed for your purposes?

the VLS was entirely developed in the framework of the VideoLAN system
by VideoLAN developers.

>    Can you tell me an opensource server I can use and change for my work?
>    I have to stream films with additional informations or different stream
>    file structures than mpeg2TS.

Well, the VLS _is_ opensource, so please feel free to download and
modify it as you might like or need, provided that your behaviour
respects the GPL License (i.e. feedback to developers and keeping your
work under the same license terms, please see www.gnu.org or the vls
package for the full license details)



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