[vls-devel] Re: vls doesn't stop sending...

Heok Kee Oon oonheokkee78 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 26 07:48:14 CEST 2002


   There is a NEED for me to find out what frames
(whether I, P or B) is transmitted or received, so if
you don't mind, can you send me the codes and some
instructions? ;)

   The protocol we've ported to is called SCTP. Some
more things I've found out:
   1. Once vlc is connected to vls, a window pops up
in vlc.
   2. Data is transmitted from vls to vlc, but nothing
is shown in the window (all black).
   3. For a video that takes the vlc about 30 sec to
play (from disk), the transmission between vls and vlc
lasts for about 3 min before vls stop sending any
data. Throughout this period, windows remain black.

   With only modifications to socket calls in the
files listed below, I don't quite understand why it
doesn't play the video.

   I've attached the log files of both the vlc and vls
with this mail. Hope that it provides some clues...

Oon, Heok Kee

Tristan Leteurtre <tristan.leteurtre at videolan.org>
> Hi Oon,
> On Thu, Oct 24, 2002, Heok Kee Oon wrote:
> >    Few questions. Firstly, which function in which
> > file is responsible for reading and
> differentiating
> > the various frames (I, B and P) before splitting
> and
> > multiplexing them into a TS stream?
> The vls does not deal with I,B and P frames, since
> it is only concerned
> by the system layer. The splitting/multiplexing is
> made with PID
> selecting, not with frame seclection (ES layer).
> If you *really* need a type_of_frame function for
> vls, I used to write
> one some times ago...
> >    Secondly, I've successfully switched out the
> > transport layer and incorporated a new transport
> layer
> > protocol for the data transmission. 
> Which one ? ;)
> > However, after the
> > change (probably by accident) my modified version
> > DOESN'T STOP sending data to the client. This is a
> > list of files that I've modified:
> > (...) 
> >    Hope someone can enlighten me on these. Thanks
> a
> > lot!
> I looked a few minutes, but your problem is hard to
> understand... I
> think it's impossible to solve it like that, the
> best explanation would
> be the source code itself, but...
> Anyway, don't hesitate to report your investigation
> results !
> Good luck,
> -- 
> Tristan
> -- 
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