[RFC} New Commanline Syntax for Telnet interface

Bill Eldridge bill at rfa.org
Tue Sep 3 13:19:10 CEST 2002

Tristan Leteurtre wrote:

> However, I hope this change of syntax will not be an big problem for
> people who use scripts that send telnet commands, such as the Bill
> Eldridge http interface, of the Perl/Tk manager.

My interface just passes the command straight through,
so shouldn't be a problem at all.

Also, I have some Python cgi's and commandline
scripts at http://techweb.rfa.org/staff/bill/videolan
that work directly with the existing telnet.cpp
interface - definitely easier than using telnet
directly.  I should add cookie support to save

import Cookie, cgi


if form.has_key("user"):
if form.has_key("password"):

print C.output()

Wow, that was tough....maybe I'll add it myself :)

Bill Eldridge
Radio Free Asia
bill at rfa.org

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