[RFC] VLS new release

Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman at wxs.nl
Wed Sep 11 19:37:38 CEST 2002

The current CVS of VideoLAN server has some new features and it also
breaks some compatibility with older releases. Therefor I think it is a
good idea to define what goes into the next released version.

Current new features in CVS are:
*) rtp support
*) syslog daemon support (Linux/Unix only)
*) fix Major incompatibility with 3rd party solutions
	Christophe Massiot)
*) "LaunchOnStartup" support in vls.cfg (Tristan)

Upcomming new features are:
*) new commandline syntax
	(Jean-Paul Saman)
*) dynamic configuration of channel, input and program
	(Jean-Paul Saman, Tristan Leteurtre)
*) reload/saving configuration files with config load/save
	(Jean-Paul Saman, Tristan Leteurtre)
*) run vls as Unix/Linux daemon

In order to make clear that compatibility with older VLS versions broke
I'd like to bump up the version number to 0.4.0 for a new release.

Are there any other things that should go in a new release? (Apart from 
the usual bug fixing stuff.)

Jean-Paul Saman.

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