[vls-devel] vls and DVB oddities

Jan Ekholm chakie at infa.abo.fi
Thu Apr 15 15:15:25 CEST 2004


I have huge problems getting vls to understand that I want to perform DVB
streaming. Or at least something related to DVB. Nothing works so far. :)
For such an old and mature project vls (and more so, vlc) is very hard to

I have vls from CVS and it is configured this way:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/vls-CVS  \
            --disable-dvd \
            --enable-dvb \
            --with-dvb=..../linuxtv-dvb-1.1.1/build-2.6/ \

Builds ok and installs ok. I use this vls.cfg, which is in $HOME:


I try to run it all like this:

% /usr/local/vls-CVS/bin/vls -f ~/vls.cfg -vvvv dvb:VIVA -d udp:

This gives output like this:


I use this dvbrc, which is $HOME/.dvbrc


The channel is never actually referenced in the logfile, it just silently
ignores the "VIVA" parameter. I can put whatever there and nothing works.

My system:

vls from CVS
Linux 2.6.3 with linuxtv-1.0.1
a Hauppauge Nexus DVB-s card

dvbstream works just fine with the card, I can tune to whatever I want and
stream it out and view with for instance mplayer. xawtv can also view the
currently tuned channel. szap/scan finds all channels and can tune to any
of those. So the DVB subsystem works, vls just doesn't seem to grok it too

Another oddity is that if I compile a default vls fresh from CVS and run
it I get something really, really weird. I can't show a log for that right
now, as vls refuses compile. Sigh...

Anyway, when I run vls in the same way as above I get some extra lines at
the end of the log:

2004-04-15 16:38:51 [WARN/Vls]  Unknown channel
2004-04-15 16:38:51 [WARN/Vls]  Unknown pgrm 0
2004-04-15 16:38:51 [INFO/Vls]  Executing command1 : 'broadcast_start broadcast1'
2004-04-15 16:38:51 [WARN/Vls]  Unknown broadcast

There was an exta "command2" that did something weird too, but as I can't
compile vls right now I can't get the exact output. Somehow vls thinks I
want to do some default commands, although I don't want to. Nowhere in my
vls.cfg file do I have such commands, nor in any other config file I can
find. However, looking at the file:


I can see the lines:

void C_CfgFileParser::AddCmdLineTarget(C_String sTarget, C_String sTags)

  m_pCallBack->OnProperty("command1", "broadcast_start broadcast1");
  m_pCallBack->OnProperty("command2", "broadcast_add broadcast1 output1 "
                           + sProgramLaunch +" input1"+sNewTags);


These are the lines that get executed. Why are these here? Doing a
"strings" on the old vls binary showed those lines in there. When I nuked
those lines I got the first vls.log as seen above.

Also, when doing a "make clean" I noticed the following error:

make[2]: Entering directory
 rm -f vls vls
rm -rf .libs _libs
rm -f *.o core *.core
rm: cannot remove `core': Is a directory

This is pretty obvious, src/core/ is a quite important directory and
should probably not be deleted.

Kind regards,
    Jan Ekholm

     "I name you... Esmeralda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre!"
                                      -- Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum

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