[x264-devel] X.264 & RFC 3984 : How to use multiple NAL units...

Mojtaba Hosseini Mojtaba.Hosseini at magorcorp.com
Mon Jan 19 14:15:50 CET 2009

Hadi Hadizadeh wrote:
> I am dealing with a very high resolution video, and I thought that 
> using multiple slices
> is a good idea because otherwise the size of the output NAL unit will 
> be very large
> and it is unrealisitc. But I just realized that even multislicing can 
> not be helpful.
Why not? Having multiple NAL units for a large frame will help in case 
of packet loss.
> It seems that by using RFC 3984, we can split the output bitstream of 
> the encoder (x.264)
> to multiple NAL units. But how can we use RFC 3984 in X.264 and does 
> this solution worth a try?
RFC 3984 is outside the scope of the encoder and is part of RTP 
encapsulation of 264 NALs.


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