[x264-devel] Mac Quicktime codec

Antoine Gerschenfeld gerschen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 12:41:01 CET 2009


> I've been using the x264 codec with great pleasure for some time now  
> for the european SEMAINE project. To play the x264 encoded videos I  
> prefer to use mplayer, which always works. However, due to  
> limitations of OpenCv, a computer vision library, I now have to use  
> Quicktime for decoding. I've found the x264 Quicktime codec 1.1 on  
> Berlios, which seems to be an inactive project. Installing it helps,  
> as I know don't get a quicktime error and I can hear the recorded  
> sound. I do not, however, see anything: it's just playing black  
> frames.

The x264 Quicktime codec is an encoder (not a decoder). There are two  
components that can replace the built-in QT H.264 decoder : Perian  
(which suffers from lag-related problems on HD videos, at least for  
the moment) and avc1decoder. Both are on MacUpdate.

Best regards,

Antoine Gerschenfeld

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