[x264-devel] On the fly bit rate change

Mojtaba Hosseini Mojtaba.Hosseini at magorcorp.com
Tue Jan 20 18:10:32 CET 2009

P O'Hanlon wrote:
> I have noticed the x264_encoder_reconfig() function but this does not
> appear to allow for a change in the bit rate directly - I guess one
> can alter other settings here that will have an effect on the bit rate
> but I wondered if it was possible to alter the target bit rate for the
> ratecontrol system on the fly? Or some insight as to how one might go
> about adding such a feature - which I imagine a few real-time video
> streaming/conferencing apps would be interested in having control
> over.
Currently we are forced to re-initialize x264 for this purpose
(change of bitrate on the fly). So we would be interested in working
towards a patch if others are interested


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