[x264-devel] x264 Development Newsletter: Vol 14

Jason Garrett-Glaser jason at x264.com
Wed Apr 13 04:05:04 CEST 2011

This is the fourteenth x264 development newsletter.  If you missed the
first thirteen, this is a regular email containing updates on fixes
and improvements in the most recent x264 push, along with updates on
what's coming next.  Previous versions can be found in the mailing
list archives.


Improve the C99 configure checks to fix Intel compiler support in some cases.

Fix a minor bug in intra-refresh ratecontrol.

Disable progress for FFMS input when --no-progress is used.


Eliminate a pointless redundant mbcmp call in weightp.

Warn users when using --psnr and --ssim without tuning for the
appropriate metric.

Don't force ICC to target pre-mmx machines; let it use its defaults.

Add SSE support to rectangle.h for 16-byte stores using GCC vector intrinsics.

Consolidate all stupid Blu-ray hacks into --bluray-compat.  Eliminate
--open-gop bluray accordingly.  Note that this option doesn't force
everything necessary for Blu-ray compatibility (such as resolution,

Improve Blu-ray compliance: when Blu-ray compatibility is on, don't
allow B-frames to reference frames outside their minigop, and write
dec_ref_pic_marking SEIs as necessary for B-references.


--device and automatic --level restriction support is in the works, as
part of Google Code-In.  The patch is done, but needs review.

A per-option help system is in the works, as part of Google Code-In.
The patch is done, but needs editing of the help entries.

Adaptive MBAFF development is **done** -- it's now waiting for review.

x262 is under development: a best-in-class MPEG-2 encoder built using
the x264 framework.  Both P and B-frames are done and working.

xvp8 is under development: a best-in-class VP8 encoder built using the
x264 framework.

Work is planned to integrate x264 with the Sandy Bridge's encoding
ASIC for improved encoding performance.  Current status is: waiting on
Intel (these guys move at the speed of an obese one-legged paraplegic
three-toed sloth swimming down a stagnant river of -- ah, fuck it,
Intel has never cared about open source anyways.  Last week we caught
them trying to promote their terrible proprietary encoders as a
replacement for open source software -- nice try, backstabbing fucks.

Jason Garrett-Glaser

The x264 Team

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