[x264-devel] Cross making x264, Ubuntu host, Windows target

BugMaster BugMaster at narod.ru
Fri Mar 27 20:18:53 CET 2015

On Fri, 13 Mar 2015 19:03:22 +0200, Peter SUCIU wrote:
> Hello all,

> Have successfully downloaded and installed Mingw64 on a
> Ubuntu/Linux host, in order to do a cross platform build of x264,
> with a target of Win32-64 in mind. 

> Have set my PATH var to include the 64bit flavour of Mingw64.

> Have ran .configure with following parameters

> --cross-prefix=i686-w64-ming32-
> --host=i686-w64-ming32
> --enable-win32thread 

> output from configure:

> platform:      X86_64

This doesn't look right because above you specified --host=i686* and
not x86_64, so you probably called it with another params.

> system:        WINDOWS
> cli:           yes
> libx264:       internal
> shared:        no
> static:        no
> asm:           yes
> interlaced:    yes
> avs:           avisynth
> lavf:          no
> ffms:          no
> mp4:           no
> gpl:           yes
> thread:        win32
> opencl:        yes
> filters:       crop select_every 
> debug:         no
> gprof:         no
> strip:         no
> PIC:           no
> bit depth:     8
> chroma format: all

> Ran 'make' and it produced an exe. Copied that exe and ran it on a
> Windows 7 platform. It refuses to open an input video file. I keep getting the same errors:

> [avi] avisynth header not found
> [raw] raw input needs resolution
> [mp4] could not open input file via any method!

There is no such (exact) messages in x264. So next time copy/paste
direct from console and don't make paraphrase of error messages.

> The official VideoLAN binary opens the file and encodes it with little effort.

Official builds are compiled with lavf input support (lavf: yes)

> What am i doing wrong in my cross build process?

You compiled it without lavf input support.

> Thanks in advance,
> Peter

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