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Kaustubh Raste Kaustubh.Raste at imgtec.com
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From ' How can I contribute the code to x264' thread, I understand we need to sign off CLA for patch contribution.

Please let me know the process for CLA sign off (if required)/patch acceptance.

Kaustubh Raste

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Subject: x264 patch review for MIPS processors
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Imagination Technologies has come up with MIPS Warrior Processor Cores.

More details can be found at-



X264 Encoder is optimized using MIPS SIMD for these processor cores.

All recommended tests are ‘passed’ under QEMU-Linux.

We would like to upstream/submit patches to the x264 GIT repository.

We would be doing so in small patches so as to make review process simple and clear.

As part of this we have submitted first patch for the review -

[x264-devel] [PATCH] Updated configure to detect MIPS platform and set flags. Added define for MIPS MSA. MSA is SIMD architecture of MIPS.
Flags are added to enable MSA.

Request you to have a look at the same.


Kaustubh Raste
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