[libdca-devel] fails to decode 4.0 channel DTS48/24

Peter Cordes peter at cordes.ca
Wed Nov 28 08:46:11 CET 2007

 The DTS soundtrack from the BluRay of Edward Scissorhands is not decoded
properly by mplayer, or by dcadec built from the svn r82 or libdca (on AMD64
Ubuntu Gutsy).  It sounds chopped at 1kHz or something.  A good description
in words isn't coming to mind very easily, so just listen to the sample.

 I put a ~1 minute sample (14MB) on my web server:
or with 720p x264 video: 58MB

 I didn't know where to upload it, but I'd rather not host it indefinitely.
Someone tell me where to put it, or copy it yourself and post on the list.

 The DTS stream is 1.5Mbit/s, 48kHz/24bit.  My Logitech Z-5500 speakers
decode it fine if I send to them over s/pdif.  I enabled the verbose mode (by
holding down the right set of buttons...), so the display readout says
DTS 3/1 48 24  when it first sees the stream, which means 
3 front, 1 rear, 48kHz, 24bit.  I can't believe I was ever happy with the
cheap speakers I had before these.  OTOH, I wasn't really, which is why I
bought these. :)

This review of the disc says something about the soundtrack.
The DTS track I have is just the DTS core of the DTS-HD lossless track.

 mplayer decodes the soundtrack ok when it's downmixed to 2 channels.

 thanks, and happy hacking,

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