[libdca-devel] fails to decode 4.0 channel DTS48/24

Benjamin Larsson banan at ludd.ltu.se
Fri Nov 30 12:19:27 CET 2007

Peter Cordes wrote:
>  The DTS soundtrack from the BluRay of Edward Scissorhands is not decoded
> properly by mplayer, or by dcadec built from the svn r82 or libdca (on AMD64
> Ubuntu Gutsy).  It sounds chopped at 1kHz or something.  A good description
> in words isn't coming to mind very easily, so just listen to the sample.
>  I put a ~1 minute sample (14MB) on my web server:
> http://www.cordes.ca/~peter/bugs/libdca/scissorhands-4.0-48_24.dts
> or with 720p x264 video: 58MB
> http://www.cordes.ca/~peter/bugs/libdca/Edward.Scissorhands.x264.DTS-4.0-48_24.mkv
>  I didn't know where to upload it, but I'd rather not host it indefinitely.
> Someone tell me where to put it, or copy it yourself and post on the list.
>  The DTS stream is 1.5Mbit/s, 48kHz/24bit.  My Logitech Z-5500 speakers
> decode it fine if I send to them over s/pdif.  I enabled the verbose mode (by
> holding down the right set of buttons...), so the display readout says
> DTS 3/1 48 24  when it first sees the stream, which means 
> 3 front, 1 rear, 48kHz, 24bit.  I can't believe I was ever happy with the
> cheap speakers I had before these.  OTOH, I wasn't really, which is why I
> bought these. :)
> This review of the disc says something about the soundtrack.
> http://bluray.highdefdigest.com/606/edwardscissorhands.html
> The DTS track I have is just the DTS core of the DTS-HD lossless track.
>  mplayer decodes the soundtrack ok when it's downmixed to 2 channels.
>  thanks, and happy hacking,

Hi, please upload it to upload.mplayerhq.hu, and file a bug report to 
https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/. Hopefully the bug will be 
fixed sometime in the future. (If the bug also affect ffmpeg.)

Benjamin Larsson

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