VLC Feature - where to do ?

Christophe Massiot massiot at via.ecp.fr
Thu Jul 25 17:40:43 CEST 2002

Stefan Henkelmann <SuperCross at gmx.net>:

> 1. (Where) would it be possible to implement an overlay on the
>  running video picture (e.g. "2x" or "4x" when using fast forward,
> or "Pause" or "Mute" .....).
> It probably has to be done specific for every video out option ?

Isn't it what the xosd plug-in has been done for ?

> 2. I want to control vlc with a remote control. I have a selfmade
>  board which receives infrared signals and sends a bytecode to the
> serial port. E.g. when i press fast forward 0x11 is end to the serial
> port, 0x10 for play and so on .....
> Where in the source code would it be the best part to start
> implementing such a feature (i need a process polling the port
> like it is done with the keyboard and changing the vlc to
> the desired mode)

There is already the lirc plug-in. See doc/lirc. If your board isn't
standard, you will have to write your own intf plug-in, modelled
after the lirc plug-in.

> 3. Is somebody working on a fastbackward ?


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