VLC Feature - where to do ?

Sigmund Augdal sigmunau at stud.ntnu.no
Thu Jul 25 19:48:50 CEST 2002

> 2. I want to control vlc with a remote control. I have a selfmade
>  board which receives infrared signals and sends a bytecode to the
> serial port. E.g. when i press fast forward 0x11 is end to the serial
> port, 0x10 for play and so on .....
> Where in the source code would it be the best part to start
> implementing such a feature (i need a process polling the port
> like it is done with the keyboard and changing the vlc to
> the desired mode)
I whould try to make that board work with lirc. Lirc is quite flexible
and whould probably only require some configuration to work with your
device. Have a look at the dicumentation at www.lirc.org. If you fail to
make it work with the current drivers, you could probably do your own
lirc driver with less work than to make plugins for all the apps you
like. The reason to do this is that most apps where a remote controll
makes sense already supports lirc. And if one of your favorite apps
don't support lirc then you could make lirc support, and then alle the
other remote controll owning users of that app could also benefit from

btw, if you are planning to work on new features for vlc you should
probable check out the current cvs, since alot has changed since 0.4.x.

Sigmund Augdal

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