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The DJ hartman at mac.com
Wed Jun 26 16:51:35 CEST 2002

on 26-06-2002 16:29, Laurent Aimar at fenrir at via.ecp.fr wrote:

> I have some informations, hope this help.
> On Wed, Jun 26, 2002, The DJ wrote:
>> - .mov file support. -> Based on one of these?
>> - .mp4 file support.
>   These formats are very very close. (Just some little differences in
> some fourcc)

I was aware of it. But thanks anyway.
>> - ASF support.
>   There are some problems :
>     - it often uses ms audio codec ( sometimes named wma but it's wrong )
>     - it can use its own video codec, ffmpeg supports version 1 but not (yet?)
>> - WMA support -> Maybe a port of this XMMS plugin?
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/my-xmms-plugs/
> What does wma mean for you, file format or the audio codec used in it ?
> For the file format it's just a .asf file. But I have never seen an
> implementation of the audio codec. ( mplayer uses win32 library to
> support it, I don't know about xmms ).

Xmms is the file format aswell. I thought it was audio too, but I was
mistaken. Damn. You'd say that by now there should be some code available to
do this. I know the Mac DivX player for OS9 is able to hanlde it. But I
doubt the writer would like to share his code. He is the one behind 3ivX.

>> - Real support. A bit tough. v1 is available somewhere. Libavcodec, so then
>> we already support it trough ffmpeg?
> We first have to support their file format (.rm). Just have a look
> at libav in ffmpeg, I think it's not so difficult
>> - Sorenson support. Same story. No opensource solution that I know of.
> I see in ffmpeg mailing list they are about to implement it( using new
> xine code). It's a h263 variant ( encrypted header by xor and some bytes
> swapped, and replaced DCT by recursive VQ, and used YVU9 instead of
> YV12).

That would be great.
>> - AAC support.
> I've seen faac, it's opensource but I don't know if it's GPL.

According to this: http://www.audiocoding.com/download.php
FAAD2 (the decoder, FAAC is the encoder if I understand correctly) is GPL.
There is just one problem.

> Currently binaries can't be downloaded here. Dolby, the AAC licensing
> authority, won't allow that.

Bummer. So we can only use this in the tarball, not in the binaries. That is
plain idiotic.

As a small addition to this list I was thinking of VP3.

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